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Injection molding and thermoforming is our expertise. Additionally we can apply various decoration techniques, such as in-mold labeling, screen printing and hot foil transfer printing. Last but not least we can assemble plastic parts to semi-finished or finished products. And everything in our worldwide factories.

About injection molding & thermoforming

Full-service partner

It starts with an idea; your idea. It ends with a tangible product which we made for you. In between there are steps to take, such as product design, prototype, mass production, decoration and assembly. As your full-service partner we can take care of all of these steps. From A to Z.

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Our products

A small selection of our large product portfolio: charging stands for shavers, travel cases for electric toothbrushes, housing for IPL hair removal laser systems, window wipers, systems for sliding sun roof tops, speaker caps, motor covers, towel devices for sanitary restrooms, price threads for textile industries, inlays for smartphones, transport trays for assembly lines and lots and lots more.

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Freebox - Rompa Group
Gillette AuraLink - Rompa Group
Tyco - Rompa Group
TomTom Bandit Complete
Volkswagen - Haltebock
Our latest news
New SMT line: an important step towards more finished goods
New SMT line: an important step towards more finished goods
Rompa has outlined a clear strategy for the years to come which is delivering an increasing number of products in a finished state to our customers. That includes electronics. The second quarter of 2017 will be all about the implementation of an SMT line at the Rompa Shunxing production site in Jiangmen, China. This SMT line (surface-mount technolo...
ISO certification to produce medical devices acquired!
ISO certification to produce medical devices acquired!
Our production site in Jiangmen, China, has acquired its ISO 13485 certification which marks an important step for Rompa’s future. The certifica...
Running start for Rompa Slovakia
Running start for Rompa Slovakia
Our site in the Slovakian town of Bardejov is doing great. So great, in fact, that we expect a significant expansion of its staff from 35 to 80 operat...