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Employment and Industrial Relations

Afbeelding: Employment and Industrial Relations

Healthy, safe and pleasant

At the Rompa Group we want to provide our employees a healthy, safe and nice work environment, where work goes hand in hand with personal development of employees, work experience is being exchanged and where there is time to enjoy recreational activities with each other.

Rompa Group invests in employees by

  • providing special studies to develop careers
  • providing career paths
  • stimulating intercompany exchanges
  • training and coaching on the job
  • providing clear work instructions

Rompa Group invests in a safe and healthy work environment by

  • creating good air capacity within our factories and offices
  • creating air-conditioned workspaces
  • providing clear health and safety instructions
  • providing safety equipment and clothes

Rompa Group invests in a good company culture by

  • respecting everybody’s opinion
  • questioning opinions by personal meetings
  • doing research into employee satisfaction
  • organizing recreational activities
Playing ping pong ball
Playing tug-of-war
Employment recreational CZ
Employment recreational tafeltennis
Employment recreational voetbal