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Afbeelding: Environment

Environmental protection

Rompa Group supports environmental protection. We are careful with the resources we use within the company. The main focus points with regards to the environment are the use of:

  • electricity
  • raw materials (for production)

Tandem technics

For more efficiency use, we introduced the Tandem Technology. This technology is based on the use of two separate sub-faces in a mould, wherein the cooling time is used in order to be able to use our injection moulding machines more efficiently.

Post Consumer Recycling (PCR)

At Rompa Group we are using PCR materials. Once a material or finished product has served its intended use, and has been diverted or recovered from waste destined for disposal, it is then considered ‘post-consumer’. Having completed its life as a consumer item, it can then be recycled as such. This differs from ‘pre-consumer’ or ‘post-industrial’ waste, which is generated by industrial or manufacturing waste.

Regrind material

Only when our customers accept it, the waste material from our production processes , like sprues, rejected products and waste from start-up will be regrind and re-used in the process. When it is functional unacceptable, or not allowed by the customer, the waste material will be collected, separated and distributed to reliable parties who will be able to give these materials an ecological acceptable destination.


At Rompa Group we report all substances we produce or import as required by Reach. REACH stands for Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemical substances. REACH is the European regulation on the production and trade of chemicals adopted to protect human and environmental health against chemical risks and at the same time improving the competitiveness of the chemical industry in the EU. At Rompa Group we are responsible for collecting information on the properties and use of substances that we manufacture or import. We also evaluate the hazards and potential risks of the substances. This obligation applies only to substances for which at least 1,000 pounds per year is produced or imported.