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Human Rights and Society

Human rights

Rompa Group respects internationally recognized human rights, as expressed in the International Bill of Human Rights consisting the:

  • Universal Declaration of Human Rights
  • International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights
  • International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights


We also respect the principles and rights of the Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition (EICC) code of conduct. It establishes standards to ensure that working conditions in the electronics industry supply chain are safe, that workers are treated with respect and dignity and that business operations are environmentally responsible and conducted ethically.

Equal opportunities

At the Rompa Group we do not accept any kind of discrimination on age, gender, sexual orientation, race, religion and disability. We support equal opportunities.

Child and forced labour

Child and forced labour is against all ethical morals of the Rompa Group.

Contribution to society

Rompa Group has as goal of being involved in and working with local communities. An example of this is the School of Happy Children project in the Czech Republic.