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Dutch injection-molder and thermoformer
Afbeelding: Rompa Tannery

A Dutch injection-molder and thermoformer that began in 1881 as a tannery in a village in the south of the Netherlands/ That's us... Rompa Group. Our knowledge, skills and inquisitive mentality have got us to where we are today: an internationally operating expert in injection molding and thermoforming plastic products and packaging. Enough contemplation - we like to keep going! We think big and our mentality is taking us even further into the future so you continue to benefit from the latest technology and expertise the market has to offer.

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The history of the Rompa Group in a nutshell

1881  The Rompa family sets up the Rompa tannery in Terheijden. The company quickly starts to expand its activities as a producer of bags, pouches, protective travel cases and other similar products. The company supplies the Dutch government, postal services and manufacturers of electronic equipment.
1960 Rompa starts injection molding and thermoforming so it can also manufacture plastic products and packaging materials.
1981 Celebration of 100th anniversary.
1997 The first international site of Rompa Group opens its doors in Hong Kong.
2005 Rompa acquires an injection-molding facility in Vyskov, the Czech Republic, making Rompa CZ a fact.
2005 The Rompa Group opens its first manufacturing facility in Jiangmen, China, known as Rompa Shunxing.
2006 To expand its operations to the American continent, Rompa enters a joint venture with Rompa Indepak, a producer of thermoformed products located in Portland (USA).
2006 Celebration of 125th anniversary.
2008 The Dutch company Technoplast is added to Rompa Group. With this new partner Rompa's expertise and skills within the plastic industry become even more diverse and competitive.
2013 Rompa Shunxing outgrows its site and opens a new factory 3 km along the road so Rompa can continue to expand there.

At the end of May, the new Head Office moves into a new building at Saal van Zwanenbergweg 23 in Tilburg.


In January, Rompa Group enters a joint venture with American company TransNav, resulting in TransRompa.


Rompa established the joint venture with RH-Packaging 


In October, Rompa SK is founded in the city of Bardejov, Slovakia as a result of expansion and optimisation of our assembly activities.


Implementation of Rompa's first Surface Mount Technology production line at Rompa Shunxing, China to become a complete inhouse supplier of finished products with design, plastics, electronics, assembly, packaging and delivery.


Founding of a new Rompa factory, Rompa DE, in Leipheim, Germany (West - Europe).


Rompa acquires ITB Goup, a Dutch injection-molding company facility in the Netherlands, the Czech Republic and Mexico



Rompa supplies the official football of the 1928 Olympic Games
Rompa supplies the official football of the 1928 Olympic Games

After all these years we can say with confidence that:

"We, the Rompa Group, are the leading plastic thermo former and injection molder, both in Holland and far beyond. We are dynamic, and our extensive  knowledge, skills and investigative mentality have led us to where we are today -  and will take us even further in the future. And this means that we can continue to provide our national and international clients with custom made solutions."

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