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Automotive parts

“The dedication and commitment of Rompa’s professional, international project team and their excellent lines of communication with the project leaders at Bosch contribute to ensuring a speedy and efficient process, from placing the order right through to the PPAP release. The high-quality products are then manufactured in large quantities according to the most stringent automotive standards and at very low PPM rates."

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Volkswagen - Haltebock
Bosch - Windscreen wipers


Robert Bosch


Parts for windscreen wipers, fuel pumps and starter motors including converters (adaptors), sealing caps & end caps, and covers.


Product engineering and optimization, injection molding + assembly


We produce the parts for Bosch by using more than 60 different molds. These are made by skilled toolmakers located in various European countries, but always working under our supervision.  The number of cavities can differ considerably, ranging from 4 to more than 32! In order to meet the high standards of visual appearance, tolerance and precision demanded by Bosch, we manufacture the products using high- quality technical plastics and we guarantee the total process from start to finish.


Technical grades of PBT, POM, PA, PP, often filled with glass fibers

Quality assessment:

ISO TS 16949 / PPM/ Lean manufacturing / Zero defect approach / 100% visual inspection


Tens of millions per year

Production location:

Rompa CZ in the Czech Republic, Rompa Shunxing in China

Supplied and delivered in:

Worldwide; in Europe primarily in Belgium, Hungary, Germany and Serbia. Outside Europe primarily in China and Mexico.

Did you know... it expected that cars will exist in most cases of plastic in 2030?


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Windscreen wipers
Windscreen wipers