Distributing station for fibreglass cables

“The wide variety of components that have to be produced, combined with the procurement of a large quantity of parts and a multi-stage assembly process creates a complex challenge.”

TE Connectivity distributing station




Distribution station for fibreglass cables

Techniques and services

Injection moulding, assembly, decoration



With fifteen different moulds and many purchased components, Rompa has over two hundred components for each fibreglass cable distribution station. After production of the injection-moulded components and  procurement of the various other parts, everything is assembled into a finished product, which is then decorated. The variety of customer-specific components and suppliers makes this project into a complex logistical challenge.


PC/ABS, PP, TPE, purchased components

QA method

100% inspection and Cpk measuring.                

Production run

80,000 units per year

Production site

Rompa CZ



Did you know that...

...we are founded in 1881 in a small village in the Netherlands called Terheijden?


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OvermOvermoulding and robot with 6 axesoulding
Overmoulding and robot with 6 axes
Overmoulding and robot with 6 axes
Overmoulding and robot with 6 axes