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Smoke detector

“Rompa handled the first project in a professional and proactive manner and achieved excellent results. From that moment on, Rompa has acted as the full-service partner during a variety of projects for Johnson Controls – formerly known as Tyco. During complex, versatile projects that involved more than sixty moulds, collaboration, service and quality were all of a consistently high level. Investing in a robot contributed to achieving automation of the production and assembly processes.”

Johnson Controls (Tyco) Smoke detector


Johnson Controls


Smoke detector

Techniques and services

Injection moulding, insert moulding, thermoforming, sourcing (purchasing components), assembly


Via our network we came into contact with Tyco (known today as Johnson Controls). Together we worked on a trial project to demonstrate our added value. Following that initial project, Rompa was awarded the entire project.

This project was quite complex due to the number of moulds (65), the diversity of the products, the variety of components to be purchased and the processing of the products using various types of finishes.

The project also involves insert moulding, including an automated assembly process. A robot places metal components in a mould, after which the second part is added via injection moulding. We also assembled LED lights and diodes.


Mainly PC/ABS, PBT, PC

QA method


Production run

From 10,000 to 1,000,000 units per year

Production site

Rompa CZ



A smoke detector in the Dutch office
A smoke detector in the Dutch office

Did you know that...

...we produce over 100 million automotive parts per year for Bosch?


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Overview factory of Rompa Shunxing
Overview factory of Rompa Shunxing