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| 16-07-2022
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If you want to have a fully-finished plastic product developed and manufactured, at Rompa Group, you have come to the right address. We have years of experience in the development, production, and assembly of plastic products with or without electronics for various global market leaders. We also have the expertise to make your project a reality. But what are the other reasons why you should choose for Rompa Group? We are happy to list them for you.

Discovering our outstanding service levels

We use the initial idea assessment stage to establish so-called design specifications.
We can deliver fully-finished products, with or without electronics, custom-made for different industries and markets. We deliver exactly what is needed, from the drawing board - at our Verhoeven design studio - to delivery. All based on the ideas and wishes of our customers. Within this vertical integrated services process, we follow these steps:
  • Assessing ideas
  • Drawing up design specifications
  • Creating a prototype
  • Mass production
  • Assembly
  • Delivery

Technological excellence

Many local suppliers, especially in emerging growth markets, are technologically not ready to adapt to change. This often causes multinationals to worry about producing locally. It is therefore essential to them that their western high-tech partners are willing to produce at different local places. For us, technological change has become a constant. We are used to moving flexible to adapt to change.

Our technologies
We keep the finished product in mind every step of the way, whether we design a travel case for electric toothbrushes, windscreen wipers, engine components, automatic towel machines, thermometers, razor stands with an order button or something completely different. Our design studio Verhoeven understands the different design and technology requirements that any new product or packaging system needs to fulfil. We have experience with design for Functionality (industrial design), Protection (packaging technology), Sustainability (environmental design), Cost efficiency (product engineering) and Selling (3D design). To produce designs, we use known manufacturing technologies like:
  • injection moulding
  • metal injection moulding (MIM)
  • metal stamping
  • thermoforming
  • electronic manufacturing (PCBA)
  • decorating
  • assembly (ESD)
  • packaging

We also have our tool shop so we can develop and manufacture our moulds in-house, which guarantees efficiency and premium quality. So, a fully-finished, complex, custom-made product - with for example inbuilt electronic components, outward decorations and packaging to match - is possible thanks to our experience with wide-ranging techniques, vertical integrated services and lean production approach. The possibilities are virtually endless.

Global presence

The business model for many suppliers, to produce in one location and supply their customers from that location, is outdated and the idea of ​​delivering Western-European technology and premium products to (new) markets is too costly. Companies want their products to be produced in the major continents for the local market; time-to-market, flexible supply chain, lower transportation costs and contribution to CO2 reduction are important reasons.

Three continents
Our locations in the Netherlands - with a design studio and production site, including a clean room and tool shop - are premium locations of an outstanding level. We also have production sites across three continents (Europe, Asia and North-America), so we are in a great position to provide local-for-local production as much as possible. This advantage leads to increased efficiency, more flexibility and lower transportation costs. As a result - and due to global quality standards - our customers can benefit from the same excellent service levels and quality, no matter where they are situated.

Local production facilities boost competitiveness
To meet the diverse requirements of customers and markets, it is not enough to attend at a local level with merely a sales office. To increase competitiveness, we invest in local production facilities. That means, among other things to recognise and capitalise on local developments and potential. We systematically promote - on a micro level - the integration of regional characteristics and cooperation between (new) local organisations and local environments. Now, as well as in the future, we can adapt much faster to new (local) market conditions and needs. The ability to and the speed with which our (potential) customers can - or even must - change are critical success factors; not only with regard to technological changes. But also at strategic and organisational levels.

The key to success
Our customers can be certain that we can operate from any location. Using any technique. For any market. Even when times are unfavourable. Thanks to our international footprint we can guarantee production, so the business can continue to operate. The key is to listen to the long-term needs of customers. Therefore, we prepare our business for international expansion and flexibility. We already have production facilities in The Netherlands, Germany, the Czech Republic, Mexico and China, but we remain alert to what is happening or is about to happen in the rest of the world. We also invest in multicultural management teams.

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