Rompa partners up with FLAIR


| 01-03-2023
Čas na čtení: 3 min.
We can speak with great enthusiasm about our cooperation with Hong Kong-based FLAIR in the field of AI and robotics. This collaboration represents an important step forward in our efforts to shape the future of manufacturing and develop innovations that can improve the world.
We are honoured to be part of this innovative partnership and believe it will enable us to further optimise our production processes and strengthen our competitive position. We are confident that FLAIR's expertise in AI and robotics will help us work more efficiently and make our products of even higher quality. With the help of AI and robotics, we will be able to automate tasks and streamline our processes, making a big efficiency gain in the development process and also in our production.

The cooperation with FLAIR has also been signed, at the same time as us, by three other major companies they namely; Smart MM Engineering Systems, Stackpole Powertrain International, Aachen and TCL Corporate Research. It is clear that this collaboration brings together a diversity of expertise and perspectives to jointly make an impact on the industry.

We are convinced that this collaboration will enable us to develop new innovations that can change and improve the industry. We will use the knowledge and expertise of FLAIR and our other partners to develop new technologies that allow us to produce but also develop faster, while at the same time improving the quality of our products.

Moreover, we are convinced that this collaboration will enable us to make our products even more sustainable. We are aware of the environmental issues facing our planet and believe that, as a company, we have a responsibility to do our bit to create a sustainable future. By working with FLAIR and their other partners, we will be able to develop new technologies that allow us to produce more sustainably while maintaining the quality of our products.

As Jesse Plasman, Chief Operating Officer of Rompa China, said in the meeting, "The Rompa Group is very proud and happy to establish this great partnership with FLAIR, we view AI and Robotics as essential to our future success and growth. Our company is actively investing in the development and implementation of these technologies to improve efficiency, quality and speed in our production processes. We believe that AI and Robotics will not only increase our competitiveness in the global market, but also enhance our overall customer experience. Rompa Group is dedicated to exploring and incorporating new innovations and sees FLAIR as the best partner for this in the industry, as we are committed to staying ahead of the curve in this industry."

In short, we look forward to working with FLAIR and their other partners to shape the future of manufacturing and develop new innovations that can improve the world. We believe this collaboration will enable us to produce faster, more efficiently and more sustainably, while improving the quality of our products and doing our bit to create a better world.


The Hong Kong Industrial Artificial Intelligence & Robotics Centre (FLAIR) was established by the Hong Kong Productivity Council (HKPC) and the RWTH Aachen Campus from Germany joining foreces. Located at the Hong Kong Science Park, FLAIR is part of [email protected], which is one of the two world-class research clusters. FLAIR aims to engender synergy and achieve a clustering effect by attracting top-notch local, Mainland and overseas research institutions to engage in research collaboration.

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