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| 16-07-2022
Čas na čtení: 2 min.
Testing for the coronavirus is becoming increasingly accessible, which convinces more and more people to get tested. The increase in the number of coronavirus tests has resulted in increased production. Our client Perkin Elmer successfully received the order to deliver a large number of these tests and we are taking part in their development.
In mid-July of 2020, we were tasked with creating a double mould for these products on the condition we could deliver as soon as possible. We have put our shoulders to the wheel because that is what we are good at!
The production process is proceeding on schedule; the mould is being produced and the first test injection is scheduled for 22 August 2020. The product is set to be released just over one week after that. The start of production is scheduled for mid-September at the latest.

Given the high demand for COVID-19 tests, we have ordered a second mould to allow for more and faster production. This mould will enter production in late September. Our ultimate goal is to produce 60,000 products per week.

We produce these products in our cleanroom. This is a space designed for the production and assembly of plastic products that require a clean production process, thereby eliminating the risk of pollution or contamination.

Together we will fight the coronavirus!

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