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Afbeelding: MEX MOOTH

Celebration Children’s Day & Mother's day at Mexico

30 May 2021

On April 30th, Mexico celebrates Children's Day (Día del Niño). It was first held in 1925 and has been celebrated annually ever since. Children's Day in Mexico honors children as an important part of the Mexican society. It focuses on the importance of appreciating, accepting and loving children as well as endorsing their well-being.  On Children's Day, Mexican teachers typically organize various events and activities. In kindergartens and elementary schools, lessons are usually canceled for the day. Instead of studying, children participate in games and other activities such as art workshops, storytelling, face painting. This year we continue with Coronavirus and we organized a Drawing Contest for the children of our Collaborators to draw their parents at work in ROMPA. Drawings are very nice. The winning children received toys and we can see how happy they are to receive their toys and the diploma of participation. Hopefully next year we will have more children participating!

The tradition of Mother's Day (Día de las Madres) first began on May 10th 1922. Though by that time, the American tradition had spread to parts of Mexico, the Catholic Church led to the holiday becoming widely observed, with May 10th becoming the accepted date of Mother's Day in Mexico. According to a custom in Mexico, sons and daughters come to the family home on the day before Mother's Day. Then the custom is to wake mother on May 10th with the traditional song "Las Mañanitas", either a cappella or with the help of a mariachi or a band, usually hired months before. As in America, it is a tradition in Mexico to send gifts of flowers and cards to mothers, and May 10th is one of the busiest days for restaurants in Mexico and many businesses allow employees to leave at midday. This year we are still with Coronavirus, and for this reason we only celebrate our working mothers with a Special gift.