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Afbeelding: king

ITB Group produces 3.3 million corona tests per week for its customer Perkin Elmer

16 October 2020

Rompa/ITB Group has rapidly prepared its production location in the Netherlands to enable an enormous upscaling of the corona test kits for its client Perkin Elmer. About 3.3 million corona test kits are produced in Boxtel every week. As a small country, we can play a significant role in testing the virus worldwide. The impossible has been made possible in recent weeks at both Rompa/ITB Group and final producer Perkin Elmer. This has not gone unnoticed by the Dutch royal family. King Willem Alexander opened Perkin Elmer's new production site on Thursday, 24 September.

Perkin Elmer becomes the final producer of COVID-19 tests
Perkin Elmer is an American company that produces innovative measuring equipment for the medical sector on a global scale. In addition to its regular activities, it started production of corona test kits this spring. Due to high demand, in the Netherlands and internationally, an additional production site has now been opened in Winschoten. Several companies will supply components for the test kits, including Rompa/ITB Group. They will produce high-quality medical plastic panels. All Perkin Elmer corona test kits are manufactured in Winschoten and are intended for Dutch and global exports.

His Majesty the King opens new production and assembly site for Perkin Elmer
King Willem Alexander opened Perkin Elmer's new site and was shown how the test kits were put together during the tour. Rompa/ITB Group is a major player in the development of corona test kits for Perkin Elmer. Patrick Gerard, CEO of Rompa/ITB Group, enjoyed the honour of being present during His Majesty's visit. Are you interested in experiencing the visit?

Meeting the needs of the customer quickly
Anyone with symptoms of the corona can get tested to prevent the disease from spreading further. That is why these tests are essential for public health and combatting the COVID-19 virus. There is currently a worldwide shortage of tests. By joining forces, we hope to be able to reach the desired capacity quickly.

In July 2020, Rompa/ITB Group began the production of corona test kits. At that time, there was only one injection moulding machine operational, which was suitable for 35.000 products.

Given the enormous demand for corona test kits, Rompa Group quickly built four extra moulds to be able to produce more products at a faster pace. Usually, it takes six months to develop and start up a new mould. Rompa Group was able to achieve this in two months, in addition to performing its regular activities. A great example of teamwork!