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Kaizen Workshop in DIM Mexico

23 September 2020

In Mexico, we are working on Kaizen workshops, organised and directed by our continuous improvement engineer. We want to share this project to our colleagues in the Rompa group. This project was implemented this year and it supports the environment. 

The project is situated in the mold toolshop department.  The idea is to stop using aerosol products and use instead a manual compressor.
This action helps not just to save money but also to reduce de CO2 emissions and solid waste.

We will stop buying individual cans of aerosol and will use buckets with manual compressors that are filled with the chemical. The technician pressurizes the compressor and now the recipient is fully charged with chemical. The liquid will be pressurized with air instead of CO2 . They will pull the trigger so the chemical is expelled with a pressure equal or bigger than the cans.
In just 3 months we’ve saved 280 cans of aerosol which is 1,720.00 USD for the product and plus a barrel of waste. Also CO2 emissions have decreased to 7kg during these 3 months.