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Afbeelding: IATF

Mexico (DIM) is IATF certified!

27August 2020

Last Wednesday 19th, our quality IATF audit for Mexico plant has been succesful! The impression that the auditor took of our plant and system was very good. He recognized the hard work we have done and the final result obtained, although we must send some requested evidence in two months. It is a good result and we know that our system is not perfect but we are constantly learning and with expectations of continuous improvement.
We want to thank EVERYONE for the support, commitment and dedication they put into this audit. The auditor took a great impression of ITB-Rompa workers, especially the work done by the operators who were audited, as well as the personnel who were supporting during this process : Technicians, Operational Trainers, Quality Auditors and the departments who gave support during these 3 days.
¡¡Thank you, team!!