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Afbeelding: smartparks

New Partnership for Rompa Group: Smart Parks

9 March 2021

We are happy to announce our partnership with Smart Parks. It’s time to protect our wildlife around the globe with modern and smart technology. Rompa will help to design and produce the next version of wildlife collars and asset trackers for Smart Parks so they are able to trace, observe and protect wildlife. We will produce the Lion collar and asset tracker in our facility in China!

Smart Parks
Smart Parks is dedicated to protecting endangered species and conserving the environment. They aim to achieve this by using services and technologies of collaborative partners with a similar point of view and ethical standards. Smart Parks is very much interested in technology and innovation, but their biggest passion and most important goal is to protect wildlife in countries such as Africa, India and many more! Most of their work is being done in National Parks. Most of these parks are very remote and therefore do not have 3G or 4G internet coverage. With the sensors distributed across the park, Park Management can get a better understanding of what is happening. 

Rompa will help to design and produce the next version of the Lion collar and Asset tracker.  For the past years, Smart Parks has been innovating these trackers and has not made the step towards higher volume production yet, to ensure no outdated stock build-up took place. With the help of Rompa, now is the time to re-design the enclosures so these sensors are ready for the next level. Due to continued innovations Smart Parks does not keep items in stock, which means production takes place on demand. This way of producing poses no problem for Rompa’s facility in China. With, for example, the use of our SMED method, production processes can be switched very rapidly, and delivery times are no longer then 1 to 3 months from Smart Parks to their clients.

Read more about our cooperation with Smart Parks: