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Afbeelding: 140YEAR winning team

Winning team of 140Y Calendar : CHINA & HONG KONG!

30 May 2021

First of all a BIG THANK YOU to all our employees for your participation during our
Rompa 140 years Celebration!
Your enthusiasm and engagement were amazing to watch during the activities. We hope in this way everyone felt part of the Rompa spirit ‘one team, one family’.


Some facts and figures we would like to share:

  • 1554 (different) users in total that have used the calendar
  • 260! Pictures and selfies were shared in our selfie wall
  • The final day of the calendar showed our long-term anniversaries of our colleagues: 5 years: 111 colleagues, 10 years: 93 colleagues, 15 years: 19 colleagues, 20 years: 7 colleagues, 25 years: 8 colleagues, 30 years: 4 colleagues, 35 years: 2 colleagues, 40 years: 1 colleague and longest serving employee 41,5 years!

It was very close between China and The Netherlands but with
a participation rate of 98% the winning team is ... CHINA & Hong Kong!


Congratulations Team China & HK!