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September 15th : Mexican Independence Day

23 September 2020

This September 15th, Mexicans around the globe will celebrate the anniversary of the country’s independence from Spain. The day is marked by national holiday in Mexico, a reenactment of a historic moment from the revolution’s leader, and an array of performances from fireworks to dance routines.
This is often confused with Cinco de Mayo by people living in the United States, Mexico’s Independence Day is actually September 15th. The date marks the moment when Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla, a Catholic priest known as Father Hidalgo, made the first step for independence. After a speech in the Mexican town of Dolores, Hidalgo took up the banner of the Virgin of Guadalupe, a Roman Catholic image of the Virgin Mary as she appears to Juan Diego, an indigenous Mexican believer who was later sainted by the church.

This year, due to Coronavirus situation, we will not have any kind of celebration in order to avoid infections but we hope it will be respected by all Mexicans.The plant will be closed on September 15th and 16th, so the staff can take a break from the workload of recent months.