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Story of our colleague in China

23 September 2020

Story of Amy Huang (Accounting Clerk)

Try to be a financial worker who knows the business
Amy's Growth goal: Good finance is to stay behind the scenes and hide in the invisible. Instead of always bowing your head to do accounting, you should bring your financial thinking into the business, so that you can eventually grow into management accounting. Financial personnel out of the financial office, into the business, into the process, into the data, into the system, is the key to the success of financial integration. In March 2020, I joined Rompa and became a member of the financial department. Thanks for the guidance and tolerance of department leaders and colleagues. We hope to have closer internal cooperation in the future. At the same time, I need to make more efforts to grow. The following is my superficial understanding of the company's business in recent months. Next, I will try my best to get deeper into the business and integrate the industry and finance.

Story of our colleague in China

Story of Joe Wei (Tooling Engineer)

Something Joe likes to share

I have been working here for more than two years,I think I've learned a lot. From only have cognition to the mould and plastic products before, up to now, is for the whole project development to assemble to finished product delivery, so I think there's still a long way to learn.

In the meantime, Working in RS, English is very important, want to better service the company, for me but the English writing and oral English can not meet current job needs well because we use English frequently in our daily work communication. Now therefore, if company could provide the chance to train the English I think I can take my abilities to another level to create greater value for the company in the future.

Finally, if I summarize the experience of working in RS for two years:
Work and life can be integrated, happy life from Happy work!

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Story of our colleague in China - Dancy Huang

Story of Dancy Huang (Accounting Clerk)

Keep doing sports, smile life
Exercise can create a happy mood, improve concentration and work efficiency.
To be in a good mood, you must have a reason to laugh, have a fulfilling job, have goals, and have hobbies, which can drive away anxiety.
Beautifying your surroundings can also improve your mood. It is said that scientific research proves that colors affect people's mood. Green makes people calm, and the blue of the sky and sea makes people feel comfortable. I like blue and green. Beautiful things will bring me a smile even if they are just a little embellishment.

On your left you can see a picture where we play badminton with the company every week.