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Medical microplates

The ELISA Microplates

ELISA microplates, ideal for biochemical and cell-based assays. With the advent of COVID-19 and other viruses, these plates are crucial. Rompa group produces Elisa plates for COVID tests, but our plates are also used in different segments. We tell you more about it!

Microplates elisa

What is an ELISA microplate?

ELISA stands for: enzyme-linked – immune – absorbent assay, a standard method to detect whether a biomedical target substance is present in blood, body substances or other biological material. In ELISA tests, a colour change occurs when the result is positive. The ELISA microplates are mainly used in medicine, biotechnology, and quality control in various industries.


The ELISA microplates improve accuracy, sensitivity, and specificity. The microplates enable a common laboratory procedure to be performed on multiple samples simultaneously.

Rompa Group is a leader in the production of the high-quality ELISA microplates for diagnostic tests. Think of the corona tests that are now being taken around the world. The ELISA test is one of the easiest tests to perform.

Materials used for the ELISA Microplates

The ELISA plates are produced in different materials. Among these, polystyrene is the most common, which is used for the most optical detection microplates. The combination of the product geometry and specific thermoplastic materials results in the fact that the plates' most common manufacturing process is injection moulding. In injection molding, materials such as polystyrene and cyclo-olefin can be used for different temperatures, chemical resistance or other customer requirements.

Production in the cleanroom

All ELISA microplates are produced in our cleanroom. Our cleanroom is a specific area where plastic products can be produced and assembled.

The production of our plates is fully automated. The Rompa Group machinery is the highest standard in the industry to ensure and meet the markets quality standards. Our expendable production allows us to adopt to your requirements.

The advantages of ELISA Microplates

So, the microplates are being used in different industries and can feature IoT and intra-well and are produced in a cleanroom. But what are the advantages of testing with these ELISA microplates? We have listed them for you:

  • The plates have high sensitivity and specificity
  • The tests you do with the ELISA Microplates are easy to perform: the protocols are easy to follow, and little time is needed to accomplish them.
  • Quantitative: it can determine the concentration of antigen in a sample
  • Ability to test different types of samples: plasma, cell and tissue extracts, urine and saliva.

Rompa and the ELISA Microplates?

At Rompa Group, we have an in-house tool manufacturing department to build tools to produce the Elisa microplates in line with the highest market standards. This allows us to control the full value stream, which supports a quick response to our customer needs.

Want to know more about it?
Would you like to know more about the Elisa plates possibilities at Rompa? Or are you curious about this subject? We will be happy to tell you all about it. Don’t hesitate and contact us.