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Plastic packaging

Blisters, inlays and plastic transport trays

Need plastic packaging for your products? Or transport possibilities for and between your assembly lines? Look no further and employ our expertise, global production facilities and modern thermoform machines with which we produce various types of packaging, such as:

One of our blister projects
One of our blister projects

Reverse-engineering approach

We have the capability to design and produce any type of plastic packaging materials you require. Our optional reverse-engineering approach means that, on the basis of existing products, we can create prototypes fast, can respond fast and can guarantee fast processing times. All at very competitive prices, of course.

Creative in design

And we aim to provide added value in the packaging pre-development phase, too. Our own design department knows how to combine all sorts of plastics and other materials with each other for the perfect packaging - an eye-catching blister, a protective tray or a custom-designed inlay.

Did you know that...

...research suggests that the packaging plays a major role in consumers' buying behavior? The right packaging can lead to as much as 30% higher sales!

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