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4 benefits of working with a certified company

17 July 2018

Rompa has all relevant certifications. All our branches are ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified. Rompa Shunxing also complies with the ISO 13485 standard for the production of medical products. And recently, our branches in the Czech Republic, China, Slovakia and the Netherlands earned the latest automotive certificate IATF 16949. What are the advantages of our certifications for you as a customer? Quality manager Tony Xiao lists the four most important.

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1. You have the guarantee that we work according to international standards

If you work together with Rompa, an ISO 9001-certified production company, then you can rest assured that we arrange our processes according to international quality standards. Extra strict requirements apply to processes relating to automotive and medical products, for example in the area of traceability and hygiene. The IATF 16949 and ISO 13485 show that Rompa meets these requirements. For example, Rompa Shunxing has a cleanroom, which is compulsory for the production of medical articles. Our ISO 14001 certification proves that our environmental management system meets international requirements and local environmental legislation.

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2. You work together with a stable organization

If you enter into a long-term partnership with us, then it is good to know that we have our quality processes in order. And that we can deliver the desired quality on a continuous basis. In addition, we have received the highest credit rating from Dun & Bradstreet credit agency when it comes to financial stability. Our certifications and this rating show that we are a reliable partner for our customers. Now and in the future. 

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3. You can be certain that your supplier is regularly audited

At Rompa we are proud of the certifications we have achieved. But that does not mean that we are now taking it easy. Our Quality Management department makes sure our quality processes are maintained, that we continue to meet the standards and that our certifications are renewed on time. This means that we are regularly audited by an external party. In addition, an internal audit takes place annually, under the supervision of an external party specialized in audits. That is certainly reassuring for you.

4. You save time and costs when carrying out your own audits

Of course we understand that you want to know whether we can produce and deliver according to your company standards. That is why we are happy to cooperate on client-specific audits. Since we are already certified, you save time and money when you carry out your audits or have them carried out. 

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