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16 July 2019
Afbeelding: 5 facts about_liggend

1. In 2005 Rompa settled down in Vyskov, Czech Republic. We took over, GM a company that existed since 1948. Rompa changed the name of the company to Rompa CZ

2. Rompa CZ started in 2005 with 55 injection molding machines. Nowadays we have more than 70 injection molding machines running in production and the office did grow with 40%. Nice to work with, nice to work for!

3. In 2005 we began with 170 employees and currently we have 350 employees. That’s more than double!

4. Rompa's global footprint is not only reflected in our global locations, but also in the number of nationalities working at Rompa CZ. We have 10 nationalities! Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Ukraine, Poland, Bulgaria, Romania, Moldavia, Australia and the Netherlands.

5. Rompa CZ is one of the largest companies in Vyskov. The central location is making it the perfect base for the rest of Europe.

Would you like to know more about Rompa CZ like production opportunities, vacancies or technologies? Feel free to contact us for more information.