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5 remarkable hygiene trends in public sanitary facilities

11 June 2019

A clean toilet is still our primary concern when we go to a public sanitary facility. On top of that, people all over the world have increasingly high expectations for these areas. This leads to some innovative hygiene products and concepts. In this article, we take a closer look at five remarkable trends.

1. Anything to create an excellent customer experience

Soothing background music or a fragrance dispenser that spreads a fresh aroma. Businesses do whatever they can to make a visit to the toilet as pleasant as possible. Another increasingly common trend is a ranking device that allows you to rate your toilet experience via a display. That is not only good for users – who get the feeling they are being heard – but also for the party responsible for cleaning the sanitary facilities, since this reveals exactly when visitors tend to be most satisfied and when an additional round of cleaning might be necessary.

2. Smart products for increased efficiency

Checking and restocking one hundred toilet roll holders every single day takes up a huge chunk of a cleaning crew’s time, even though the holder in toilet #100 might not need to be restocked as often as the one in toilet #1. By installing smart products in these areas, cleaning and maintenance become much more efficient. One example is a toilet roll holder with a sensor that notifies the cleaning staff when it needs to be restocked. This eliminates the need to check every single toilet manually, saving vast amounts of time. Smart solutions like this are increasingly common. In addition to smart toilet roll holders, there exist smart versions of almost all components in a sanitary area: from toilet seats to soap dispensers.

3. Automation for improved hygiene

Plenty of people are repulsed by the thought of using a public toilet. After all, the doorknobs, toilet seats, flush knobs, faucets and towel dispensers are hotbeds of bacteria, aren’t they? Fortunately, more and more of these facilities are being automated. Instead of turning a faucet on and off by hand or pushing the button of a soap dispenser with your finger, all you have to do is wave your hand in front of it. The sensors inside the devices can detect motion. Flush knobs and towel dispensers can be automated in a similar manner, which is great for hygiene. What about the toilet seats? Various studies have shown that these are actually among the cleanest components in a sanitary facility. In fact, the average public toilet seat contains fewer bacteria than your cutting board at home or the handle of your handbag.

4. Sustainability

Automation not only improves hygiene; it also benefits our planet. Automated flush knobs and faucets that stop automatically reduce water usage. In other areas, sustainability is also becoming an increasingly important factor. For example, the disposable paper towels in towel dispensers are slowly being replaced by towels made from recyclable materials. The products themselves have longer lifespans as well. For example, Rompa Group produces towel dispensers with a lifespan of no less than nine years.

5. Design

For people who lead busy lives, a visit to the toilet has increasingly become a moment of peace and quiet. A chance to escape the hustle and bustle. The market makes clever use of this development. More and more public sanitary facilities are equipped with designer elements. Products such as towel, fragrance and soap dispensers are available in a range of colours and with matching designs.

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Would you like to know more about the hygiene sector?

The world’s understanding of the importance of proper hygiene is growing, which leads to an expansion of the hygiene sector. In a previous article, we already covered the rapidly developing hygiene market. You can also contact Martijn Jansen, our resident specialist in equipment and finished goods, for more information. He can be reached via or +31 (6) 1233 6203