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7 reasons to choose for Rompa Group

4 December 2019

If you want to have a fully-finished plastic product developed and manufactured, at Rompa Group you have come to the right address. We have years of experience in the development, production, and assembly of plastic products with or without electronics for various global market leaders. And we also have the expertise to make your project a reality. But what are the other reasons why you should choose for Rompa Group? We are happy to list them for you.

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6. A flexible and worldwide supply chain
Rompa has a flexible supply chain, because we have production locations in various continents at our disposal. This also includes a factory in the Jiangmen High Tech Zone in China, a region that is part of the Greater Bay Area and which is developing continuously. We also have several factories in Europe and North America. By producing local for local we keep our transport costs low.

7. Nice to work with, nice to work for
Doing business is serious enough as it is, isn’t it? There is no harm in it being nice too. Both for you as a customer and for our employees. At Rompa, we want to be nice to work with and nice to work for. And that is why we think it is important that our relationship with you is a personal one and we are happy to involve you in our activities. For example, are we working on your project? Then we will invite you to take a look at the specific locations to discuss the progress of the project, we take you on a tour of the city concerned, and introduce you to local cultures and customs. 


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