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Cleaning and charging station

A closer look: luxury cleaning and charging station for your shaver

21 February 2019

charging stand and cleaning station in one for luxury shavers. Rompa Group realised this revolutionary product for one of the global market leaders in the shaving industry as part of a whole series of high-end shavers. Millions of these products are found in consumers’ bathrooms all over the world.

Consumers who invest in a high-end shaver want their new gadget to stay in optimal shape for as long as possible. This innovative solution can help with that. It not only charges the shaver but also cleans it thoroughly. It is like a miniature laundry machine that removes any shaving cream, gel, hair and dirt. Because of the double-filter system, the cartridge that holds the cleaning agent will last a long time. In addition to the cleaning and charging functions, the station also has lubrication and drying features built in.

Plastic and electronics

This project combines various areas of expertise: producing the plastic and electronic components, sourcing the whole bill of materials, assembling all components in an ESD room, packaging the final products and shipping them to destinations all over the world. Rompa Group is in charge of the entire process from start to finish. The production process actually takes place on two continents. We produce the cartridges in the Czech Republic, so they can be filled with the cleaning agent in Europe. The rest of the product is manufactured in China, where our production site is optimally set up to produce electronic products.

Without shaver
Without shaver
With shaver
With shaver

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