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Jesse Plasman (top left) met with Dutch prime minister Mark Rutte (middle) during a trade mission in China.

A meeting with Dutch prime minister Mark Rutte

3 July 2018

Not many people will have the chance to sit down for breakfast with Mark Rutte, the prime minister of the Netherlands. Our colleague Jesse Plasman, Rompa’s director Far East, is among those lucky few – something he is, rightly, quite proud of. Jesse met Mark Rutte during a trade mission in China.

The breakfast meeting was also attended by other members of the Dutch government and representatives from several Dutch and international companies. On behalf of Rompa Group, Jesse gave a presentation about the development of our organisation, about vertical integration and about making plastic products smart by connecting them to the internet. Notably, Rompa is already able to apply various connectivity techniques in plastic products. For example, we are currently working on an industrial application that will indicate through LoRaWAN when a product is being used, a consumer product sending usage data to a mobile app via Bluetooth and another product that allows consumers to order new supplies via the LTE network from anywhere in the world with a single press of a button.

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Technological developments in the Pearl River Delta
Recently, Rompa’s head office in the Netherlands already welcomed an esteemed visitor. The mayor of Jiangmen came by to discuss our vision for the future. The region around Jiangmen, where our production site is located, is rapidly developing into one of the world’s leading technology hubs. The Pearl River Delta is undergoing momentous changes and the Chinese government has gone all in with regards to this technological development process. For example, major new investments in the Jiangmen National Hi-Tech Zone have been announced.

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Investment in the production of electronics 
The region is all about electronics. This is probably the only place in the world where you could buy everything you need to build your own mobile phone on a single street corner. It is no surprise that Rompa picked here of all places to invest in the transition from an injection-moulding company to a fully vertically integrated organisation that also adds electronic components to plastic final products.

Inspired by the stories of other companies
“I was honoured to have breakfast with the prime minister and talk to him about everything that Rompa Shunxing does – which is a lot,” Jesse says. “And I was just as interested to hear the stories of other companies about how they are adapting to the developments in the region. This allows us to learn from and inspire each other.”

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