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A Philips production with a story

11 March 2021

Together with Philips, Rompa Group has launched a limited edition shaver for the Chinese market. Two different themes are introduced, the Bronze Age and Qianlong Period. Let us tell you the story behind these themes! The limited edition is only available in China, and Rompa Group is a proud producer of the accessories of the APA shavers version 5000 and 7000. The accessories of the shavers without decorations are being produced worldwide, thanks to the global footprint of Rompa Group!

Philips APA shavers

The electric Philips APA 5000 is ideal for a quick and soft result. In just little movements the blades lift the hair and then cut the long and short ones together for a quick shave.

The 7000 series of the Philips shavers is known for the usage for dry and sensitive skin, but is also a dry and wet shaver. The shaver rings are covered in thousands of tiny glass-like spheres that offer maximum comfort for the skin.

Philips launched two limited editions for the Chinese market in cooperation with Rompa, let us tell you about the Bronze age and Qianlong period. Both are very important times in Chinese history.

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Bronze age

In China, the period from 771 to 476 BC is called the Spring and Autumn period. It sounds quite lovely and sweet, but it was quite the opposite. Conflicts and changes were taking place during the Eastern Zhou era, the period was marked by a decline in Zhou court power and a slight increase in power of individual states. The Spring and Autumn period represented a rich period of different philosophies and ideas.

“Spring'' stands for a new period of growth in Chinese culture. It represents the period of new ideas sprouting up all over the place.

“Autumn” is known for a period where foliage dies off and a period to head into the harsh winter.

The Chinese believe this is also applicable to humanity. When talking about the ‘Spring and Autumn period’ we can translate this to a period of new ideas and growth but also a period of goodbye and ending of times as they were.

During these years a shift of Chinese kingdoms took place and individual states increased in power. Some major philosophers (Han Feizi, Shang Yang, Mozi, Confucius, Mencius) wrote about the new period and philosophy which led into the Warring State period that followed up on the Spring and Autumn period.

Up until this day spring and autumn have a strong meaningful representation of new beginnings and endings.

Qianlong period

This is referring to one of China’s greatest emperors, Qianlong. Ruler from the years 1735 till 1796, he ruled for 61 years and became the oldest emperor in history, 87 years. During these years many new developments in techniques were discovered. For example the famille rose porcelain which was created during the Qing Dynasty, but this period also represents the heyday of color glaze development. An important development and a new level of Chinese porcelain production!

Besides the important development for that era in porcelain, new techniques were applied in the craftsmanship of swords. In the palace in the Qing Dynasty a new technique was adopted, called the Meng inlay craft. This ancient Mongolian craftsmanship of inlaying gems made the value of the Qianlong sword not about status and costs, but about the technique being used.

Stories about the famille rose porcelain and the sword technique are ancient, but still very recognisable in modern times.

Qianlong period
Qianlong period
Bronze age
Bronze age

What does Rompa produce for the Philips shavers?

Rompa produces the following elements of these types of shavers:

  • The second and newest version of the styler attachment for the shaver
  • The shaver stand in two different versions, one with lights and the other without
  • A cleaning station with cartridges for the shaver, take a look at this video to see the innovation of these stations. The cleaning station is being produced in China, and the cartridges in The Czech Republic 

As mentioned before, the limited edition shavers 5000 and 7000 are only available in China, but the shavers without printed themes are available worldwide!

With a wide personal care portfolio and with many years of experience and innovations in accessories, Rompa became a producer for Philips for these various parts. As a result delivering finished goods which include the electronica, assemblage and decorations, such as these limited edition shavers and all plastic parts and subassemblies.

Philips shaver 3
Philips shaver 4

Global footprint

You must have heard about the importance of our global footprint and how important this is for Rompa Group. This limited edition for the Chinese market was made possible thanks to our many production sites all over the globe. Instead of producing for example in Europe and shipping to China, we produce in China and the product stays in China. The same goes for all other production sites, we produce for the area! This has a very large positive impact on transport and becomes environmentally friendly. But there are many more benefits in producing closeby, such as:

  • Quick delivery
  • A small inventory is needed as production and shipping can be done quickly
  • Costs saving on transport
  • Less CO2 emission

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