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Martijn Jansen

Appointing a commercial director for an even stronger organisation

6 March 2018

In 2016, we set a goal for ourselves: expand our organisation by 50% in four years’ time. That is a lofty ambition. To realise it, we continuously strive to make our organisation stronger. One of the steps we have therefore taken is the appointment of a commercial director at Rompa’s head office in the Netherlands. Martijn Jansen, who already earned his stripes as an international sales manager, will take on this important role. 

Whereas Rompa’s various locations all over the world have already had their own managers for some time now, the teams in the Netherlands have always been managed directly by Rompa’s CEO Patrick Gerard. That changes with the appointment of the new commercial director. “From now on, Martijn will manage the sales and engineering organisation at our head office,” Patrick explains. “This will better enable us to realise our growth ambitions and make Rompa an even more prominent party on the market.”

Driven mentor and coach
After several selection interviews, Rompa’s entire board, along with two external board members, selected Martijn as the perfect candidate. Patrick explains why: “For the past two years, Martijn has been managing our new colleagues in the Netherlands as a mentor and coach. He is very good at his job. He listens to people, has a warm personality and excels at establishing connections with our international production sites. After all, everything we develop in the Netherlands is produced in the Czech Republic, China and at our other sites. That means it is important everyone knows who is responsible for what. On top of that, Martijn has extensive experience as an international sales manager and a project engineer.”

Rompa's headquarters in the Netherlands

Improving service and professionalising the marketing
Martijn seized this opportunity with both hands. “My goal is to create an even more professional and customer-oriented organisation and safeguard clear communication between our various production sites. We want to grow, but I do make sure that any new projects brought in by the sales team are actually a good match for our organisation in terms of e.g. quantities, technologies and market segments. That allows us to offer customers the best possible service.” Furthermore, Martijn will work on Rompa’s marketing with the goal of taking it to the next level. “With the help of a new website, newsletters and whitepapers about injection moulding, connectivity, producing in China and other interesting topics, we want to make Rompa an even more prominent party.”

Would you like to contribute to Rompa’s growth?
You can! We are looking for a new project manager. You would support our team in the Netherlands acquire new projects, which you would then oversee. Take a look at the vacancy.