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Afbeelding: Avery biotag

Rompa, the only biodegradable apparel tag fastener producer for Avery Dennison worldwide!

7 October 2020

We say goodbye to microplastics in our clothing! The future is now and the world around us is changing rapidly. It's time for modern techniques in our daily objects and products! Rompa is a proud producer for Avery Dennison, together we are global leaders in manufacturing clothing apparel tag fasteners using biodegradable soil organisms. Let us explain to you a bit better how this works, what our partnership looks like and what you can expect from Rompa.

Did you know that a regular polypropylene fastener can take anywhere from 20 to 30 years to break down?! It’s time for change if you ask us! Read the article in the USA today about this product from Avery Dennison!


USA Today:
“As a materials' science innovator, we’re excited to grow this product line and offer our customers more options and a solution that is not dependent on consumer recycling behaviours”

Who is Avery Dennison?

The name is well known in markets based worldwide and is a global leader in material science and manufacturing. You will find the products such as clothing labels, apparel branding labels, tags, tickets, specialty adhesive tapes, RFID, medical tapes, sensors and wound dressings all in major industries all around the globe.

Founded in 1935 with just a few spare parts and a 100 dollar loan, Ray Stantion Avery started his company in the labelling industry. With great success, Avery Dennison developed the company for the needs of every period in time.

Rompa and Avery Dennison

While Avery Dennison develops the structure of the new biodegradable apparel tag fastener label and does the research in their labs, manufacturing on a large scale is being done by Rompa.

Currently, Rompa is the only manufacturer worldwide for apparel tag fasteners for Avery Dennison. In every piece of clothing you will find a trace of Rompa, have you noticed this in your jumper, bag or t-shirt? Think about Rompa next time you check a label in a store.

Rompa has been a client for many years, and both parties look back on a successful and progressive path they created together and of course look forward to many years to come in partnership.

Afbeelding: Avery dennison tag

Ecotach bio-PP Fastener

So what is this new Ecotach bio-PP Fastener, what these clothing labels made out of? The bio-PP Fastener is a blend of polypropylene materials, using biodegradable soil organisms so the label degrades within a year when in contact with soil. And most importantly: without leaving behind microplastics, which are harmful substances for the environment!

These plastic fasteners attached to the label might sound small, but with an environment friendly solution it will have a big impact globally by reducing loads of microplastics.

Let us give you an idea of how big the impact is: there are 80 billion garments produced per year, and all of them have one or even more labels. This amount can be compared to 761 million single-use, half-litre PET water bottles! Changing the plastic label fastener to a Ecotach bio-PP fastener makes it possible to switch the recycle responsibility to lie with the producer instead of with the consumer.

Ecotach bio-PP was launched in April and with this new technology Rompa and Avery Dennison are able to help brands choose from a more sustainable and environmentally friendly option for their clothing labels.

Are you a brand searching for a solution for this? Make sure you contact Rompa for more information regarding the technique of Ecotach bio-PP Fastener and come have a visit or give us a call!

Ecotach bio-PP Fastener
Ecotach bio-PP Fastener


As part of the new 2025 plan for Avery Dennison, the goal was set to create a more sustainable environment where our company Rompa has a big impact for Avery Dennison as we are the producer of their biodegradable clothing label worldwide. 

And guess what!? Avery Dennison is proud to be ranked again in Barron’s Top 100 most sustainable companies in 2019! Make sure you read more about the Barron’s Top 100

At Rompa, we believe that a company can be sustainable if this company is financially secure and can minimise the negative effect on environmental impact in cooperation with social expectations. There is still a lot of technology and technique to improve and to discover, but we believe that ideally negative impacts on the environment should be eliminated. We also know that this is done by following a process and working towards a goal. With the launch of the product Ecotach bio-PP Fastener, we think we are well on our way towards this goal!

Afbeelding: Avery Dennison - Tagging gun

The future is bright and positive

Rompa is located around the world with many production sites and offices. This makes it easier to produce worldwide, especially now, during travel restrictions and borders being closed due to the Covid-19 impact on the global economy. In times of crisis, companies have to think creative and make sure to rise out stronger. With financial stability, global coverage and a lean production approach, we are sure Rompa will be ready for the new normal that we will get used to in this world.


Contact Rompa for more information

There is so much more to tell you about this new technique of Ecotach bio-PP Fastener, and we would be happy to show you around! Are you interested in labelling your clothing in a more environmentally friendly way? Would you like to speak to our specialists about this? Don’t hesitate, and contact us! We at Rompa are always happy to answer all your questions and additional advice we can give you.