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China continues to be a source of inspiration

27 November 2019

China is rapidly becoming one of the biggest economic superpowers. In some regards, it is even surpassing the Western world. The US is obviously reluctant to share its position at the top, because its policy is mainly designed to curb China's rise to economic power. Indeed, as imposing as China as a global power may look from a Western perspective, we primarily view the country and its people as a source of inspiration. In this article, you can read more about why China is such a major player on the global stage and what lessons we can learn from the Chinese.

More economic liberties for citizens

China has had a number of bad years as a result of colonial influences. Since opening up its economy in the ‘80s and ‘90s, the country has experienced enormous economic growth and it is now the second-largest economy in the world. Over the past forty years, China has developed rapidly. These days, Chinese citizens have more economic liberties: they can buy whatever they want, choose their own profession, start their own business or travel abroad.

Typically Chinese: innovative strength and perseverance

It is impressive to see just how far ahead the Chinese are in terms of technology and innovation. High-tech innovations occur at a rapid pace and nowhere is this more obvious than in China. This is partly due to the Chinese people's characteristic ability to think ahead, work hard and persevere. When the Chinese present a plan, you can rest assured it will be realised no matter what. At the moment, the country strives towards becoming 75% self-sufficient with regard to various technologies by the year 2025, so as to be less dependent on foreign import.

Learning from each other

China particularly excels when it comes to the rate of innovation. Just look at the Greater Bay Area (Shenzhen, Guangzhou and Hong Kong); more patents are registered there than in the entire United Kingdom and France combined. Nevertheless, there are certainly some lessons that China can learn from the West, for example with regard to creative thinking. Since Chinese culture places such strong emphasis on following the rules, there is less room for out-of-the-box thinking.

The Chinese dream

Contrary to the American dream, which is mostly about opportunities for individuals, the Chinese dream is about improving the world view as a whole. With its focus on the common good, China is able to implement developments with regard to the environment and innovation more rapidly than in other regions. For example, China plays a leading role in sustainable energy, particularly as a producer of solar power and electric vehicles. We Westerners can learn a lot from that!

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