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Afbeelding: Rompa assembly robot

Consistent quality thanks to new assembly robot

21 July 2017

At Rompa, we are committed to the continuous improvement of our processes and products. We have therefore invested in a new assembly robot for a Bosch motor parts production line. This enables us to assemble the parts completely automatically. The benefits of this are cost savings, greater reliability and more consistent quality. The robot has actually been so successful that we will be installing another in our Rompa China machine park later this year.

One of our ambitions is to implement lean assembly as much as possible. The new machine automatically fits small springs to the motor part (a pressure plate). Automating this process reduces the risk of errors to a minimum. 

Automated assembly in China
The robot in the Czech Republic can assemble up to 2.5 million products per year. Worldwide demand for these pressure plates is growing and we can respond to this with the new machine. We are also installing another of these robots in our factory in China, so we can assemble the same products with the same quality for the local market there.

Rompa assembly robot.