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The Core Values of Rompa Group - One team, one family

18 May 2021

Core values define us at Rompa Group. We are very proud to announce our new principles which will guide us to the future in development and innovation. Renewing our vision was important because our global community is expanding and changing rapidly, especially since the merging of Rompa and ITB. And as you know, Rompa Group always seeks to improve!

How did we establish these new core values?
We became a larger family ever since Rompa merged with ITB Precision Technique, and are continuing our business under the name Rompa Group. Merging two companies means merging two different approaches. We aim for the best of both and we want our employees to work towards the same goals with their own individual and great visions. Hence we asked our employees from both ITB and Rompa Group to sit together and discuss their points of view of the company and what is important to them. As we continue to grow we want to bind our staff and everybody working with Rompa Group in a shared goal. The goal is to become one complete family, and family matters most.
​​​​​​​One team, one family is what Rompa Group stands for and we are excited to introduce these values.

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