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Afbeelding: The SMT line at Rompa Shunxing

Customers benefit from Rompa Group’s new SMT line

22 September 2017

Many of our customers know us as a specialist in injection moulding, thermoforming and assembly and as a full-service supplier of plastic products. A few months ago, we added a new specialty to this list: the production of circuit boards (PBCAs) for electronic devices. Rompa Shunxing (China) has its own SMT line for this process. According to electrical engineers Rocky Tan and Jinko Ruan, this leads to major benefits for our customers. The most important being: increased efficiency, better safeguarding of quality, shorter delivery times and lower costs.

The SMT line consists of specially selected equipment, including a laser marking machine, a solder paste screen printer, two SMT machines, a reflow soldering oven and advanced AOI inspection equipment. “Together, these machines allow us to install up to 63,000 chips per hour with extremely high precision,” Rocky explains. “For our current project, it means we can produce 300 circuit boards per hour.”

Faster implementation of electronics
The electrical engineers explain that the in-house production of circuit boards is far more efficient than outsourcing this process. Jinko: “The lines are shorter, which means we can respond to our customers’ demands and wishes faster and more effectively. We can now offer them a full range of services, including the fast implementation of electronics in products.” Rocky adds: “We ensure that these machines are maintained by professionals, so our customers will always get products of the highest possible quality. On top of that, the costs are lower, because we no longer have to pay any third-party manufacturers.” 

Metal detector and smart razor stand
The new SMT line is always seeing plenty of use. Rocky: “For an American customer, we are producing PCBAs for stud finders. These are used to look for metal framing studs. Furthermore, we are manufacturing the circuit boards for a smart razor stand. It contains an order button, so users can order new razor blades at the touch of a button when they run out.”

Second SMT line 
Although Rompa is currently focused on further optimising this SMT line, space has already been reserved for the addition of a second line. “We do not have any clear plans just yet, but we are ready for another expansion in the near future,” Jinko says. “Our ambition is to become a leading full-service supplier of plastic products with electronic components.