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Afbeelding: wireless

Discharging at a charging pole? Six important charging trends in the automotive sector

27 June 2019

A while back, we wrote about wireless charging solutions and about how wonderful it is to not have to bother with batteries, wires and cables. The automotive industry has also picked up on this trend. The wireless charging of devices with or in your car is gaining ground. Similarly, charging the car itself is done in increasingly rapid and innovative ways. Are you curious about the latest developments in the field of charging and automotive? Paul van der Linden, Rompa’s expert in sustainable and smart mobility, sheds light on the six most important trends.

1. Wireless car charger

You may already have a wireless charger for your smartphone in your home, but did you know that there is also one for your car? Using the innovative Qi technology, you can charge your phone in your car in no time – without a cable!

2. Charging your car without a power outlet

Let’s talk more about wireless charging for a bit. In July, BMW will become the first car manufacturer to begin production of a wireless car charger. Before long, charging your car will be even easier than filling up your tank with gas.

3. Charging with an app

The nightmare of any driver of an electric vehicle is of course to watch the battery run dry without a charging pole nearby. Fortunately, this situation is easy to avoid. For example, the NewMotion app shows you the locations and availability of public charging posts, lets you start and stop a charging session and gives you information about the rates. Chargemap is another option. It lets drivers help each other find available charging points and send pictures of these charging points to one another.

4. Megapowerbank

An even better solution for an empty battery is a mobile charging station. Volkswagen is planning to introduce a kind of large powerbank in early 2020, to which you can connect your car or e-bike. The charging point can charge four cars at the same time from 0 to 80% in just seventeen minutes. You’ll be ready to hit the road again in no time!

5. Discharging at a charging post

The time that charging posts were only suitable for charging is long gone. In the municipality of Utrecht, LomboXnet will be installing at least 145 innovative charging posts this year. These posts store solar power in the batteries of electric cars and then return this energy to the neighbourhood. In other words, the posts can charge and discharge. In the future, we will be able to use solar power whenever we need it

6. FastCharge

Charging your car as quickly as filling up on gas: it might sound like a pipedream, yet it is possible to do just that in Germany. Between Ulm and Augsburg, you can find the prototype of a new kind of charging station (FastCharge), which can completely recharge the battery of a Porsche Taycan within just fifteen minutes. Furthermore, this charging station can be used by anyone free of charge.

Liveable cities and sustainable mobility

As a specialist in products that contain plastic and electronic components, Rompa Group strives for liveable cities and sustainable mobility, sales manager Paul van der Linden emphasises. “We invest in new production methods to make charging and IoT solutions available to our automotive customers, for example. Together with our customers, we look for and develop crosslink opportunities, which allow us to use our technology to make and keep cities liveable. We possess the expertise, precision and experience that requires. We have everything we need to translate the complex product requirements of our international customers in the automotive sector into high-quality solutions.”