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Everything is connected at the IoT Tech Expo

12 July 2018

Discovering the latest technologies and listening to inspiring speakers. That was what it was all about at the IoT Tech Expo, the largest and most influential Internet of Things event in Europe. Robbin de Man, marketer at Rompa, visited the event last week at RAI Amsterdam. The most important message of that day:
Everything is connected.  

The IoT Tech Expo is a major international event with visitors from more than 70 countries. They are attracted by the exhibition of leading companies showing the latest technologies and by conferences with renowned speakers, such as Johan Krebbers, CTO and Vice President TaCIT Architecture at Shell, and Marco Cristoforo Comporeale, VP Intelligent Asset Management at Rolls-Royce. "That was a nice mix," says Robbin. "You can be inspired by the stories of experiential experts and at the same time discover companies that are in full development. Plenty to experience and an abundance of new applications for existing technologies.’’

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From smart cargo ships to efficient machines 
The development of new applications for connectivity technologies ensures that much more data becomes available. An electric cargo ship that sails without a crew from A to B might seem incredible, but this is closer than you think. Robbin: ''People control machines remotely through connected sensors that collect data. These data ensure that they understand the machines better and can plan preventive maintenance. This enables you to let machines operate independently remotely; after all, they no longer need maintenance along the way." Collecting, analysing and using data therefore contributes to the creation of efficient machines and products. Sensors on products collect data and pass them on to a data centre. That also happens, for example, when gauging the tyre temperature of Formula 1 cars. It is important for these tyres to have the right temperature, so that the driver can deliver his best performance.

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Rompa is ‘connected’
Robbin: “At Rompa we take a proactive part in this development and produce and assemble fully finished connected products. We now have years of experience in developing and assembling printed circuit boards, which we then add to our plastic products.” There are a growing number of applications around the Internet of Things that Rompa plays a role in. Many ‘smart’ products also contain plastic. A perfect match! Take, for example, an industrial device that sends a signal via the LoRaWan-network when it is used. That means the technician does not have to check all devices but can replace that one specific device. That saves time and money. 

Inspiration for cooperation 
“All in all we were at an inspiring trade fair. It is impressive to see how rapidly this market is growing,” says Robbin. “We saw what is going on in the area of the Internet of Things and what world players, and also start-ups are focusing on. We talked with interesting parties about the latest developments. Who knows what great collaborations will come out of this.”

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Robbin de Man