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Factory Rompa Shunxing re-opens again!

13 February 2020

Last week we informed you about our production stop in China due to the coronavirus. Today we are happy to advise you that the government has declared our factory safe and healthy to resume production.

On Monday, February 10, we were audited by the local government if we are in compliance with the safety requirements. The next day they confirmed that we had passed the test and the factory could open for business again. The coronavirus has struck during Chinese New Year, which is why we celebrated the New Year on Wednesday morning at 08.38 with fireworks. This time point has a special reason because number 8 is a lucky number in China.

Some of the factories in the same cities can be open, while others remain closed. The main issue is that the factory owners do not have enough options to check their employees for the virus. The government has set strict requirements to prevent further contamination as much as possible. We have done everything to put our employees out of risk. We take the current situation very serious.

We are very proud of our Rompa team that they act quickly and adequately. As a strong team, we can and will overcome this challenge.

Face masks and body temperature measuring
After the fireworks
Everyone wears facemasks in the office and factory