From inspiration to global solutions

From inspiration tot global solutions

28 March 2017

“Global Challenges, Smart Solutions”….. That is the motto the Hannover Messe uses for this year’s industrial fair. This year their organizing partner is….. The Netherlands! That is why the Hannover Messe will be painted orange as of 7 to 11 April 2014.

As a small country we can be proud that we have so much to offer in the manufacturing industry. Leading technology Dutch-style is pragmatic, inventive, socially aware and with a focus on interdisciplinary and international collaboration. That is what our country is good at: thinking in terms of solutions and pushing the boundaries.

As Rompa Group we are proud of the fact that we are part of that leading manufacturing industry and we fully embrace those Dutch competences. And we are also proud, just a teenie weenie little bit, that our own motto “From inspiration to global solutions” is quite similar to the Hannover Messe’s one.