Malcolm Ford - GM Rompa CZ

Interview with General Manager Rompa CZ

28 March 2017

Last month we announced that our factory in the Czech Republic has welcomed a new general manager; Malcolm Ford. Now, one month after his start, we would like to introduce him further to you.

1. Who is Malcolm Ford in a nutshell?
“I am a highly driven plastics management professional, with now over 30 years in the industry. I started on the shopfloor and worked my way up the ladder through merit. In my personal life I have a passion for motor sport and attend many meetings throughout Europe every year, with a new addition this year of the MOTOGP in Brno. I also raced an Opel Astra myself in the mid/late 90’s; my best result being 6th in the 1998 British Production Stock Car championships."

2. What did you do before you started at the Rompa Group, February last?
"For the last 2 years I have been based in the UK, working mainly in the Automotive Industry. I had responsibility for factories in UK, Thailand and China, and have spent a lot of my time travelling between these factories identifying and implementing operational change to successfully drive overall business improvements. Prior to that, for almost 10 years I was responsible for the Black & Decker European Plastics Business Unit which gave me responsibility for the internal mold shop, external molding supply base, tool design, tool purchasing and new product introduction."

3. What is your specialization?
"Specialization for me falls into 2 categories: Soft skills and Hard skills. Soft skills are people…. I have a very good record of creating a team spirit and being able to get everybody onboard to focus and drive toward a common goal. Hard skills are my experience and qualifications gained over 30 years in the industry; I am just at home discussing a technical process issue on the shop floor with a tool setter, as I am discussing strategic business elements in the board room with the CEO or indeed existing/future customers."


4. Tell us about your first month at the Rompa Group and in the Czech Republic?
"One word that comes to me immediately is….. exciting! So much opportunity and a group of people who are willing to work with me in a common goal, whilst we drive operational change."


5. What are your ambitions for the next 5 years?
"My ambition for the next 5 years is to create a team that will help me to grow Rompa CZ into the main driving force within the group, and to succeed in gaining international recognition for exceptional Quality, Costs and Delivery, this I know Rompa CZ is capable of achieving."