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Sarah Liang- Rompa Shunxing China

Meet our colleague Sarah Liang from Rompa Shunxing

28 March 2017

With us it's personal! In the context of our "It's the people who make Rompa" web section, we would like to introduce another colleague to you. Meet Sarah Liang, Sales Assistant at Rompa Shunxing in China.

1. Who is Sarah in a nutshell and what is your position at the Rompa Group?
“I am an independent girl with work experience in customer service for almost 4 years now. At the moment I am a Sales Assistant for Rompa Shunxing. I am not a senior yet, not socially or professionally, but I am willing to learn, always trying to keep the passion and do my best.

2. How long have you been working for the Rompa Group and is your current position your first position here?
“I have been working for Rompa nearly one year now. The only change in my job description, compared to when I first started here, is that at first I followed up the order status and communicated with customers and now I mainly deal with sales reports and monthly statements.”

3. Please tell me how a typical day at the office looks like.
“During a normal day at the office I have to check and reply emails, answer telephone calls and collect data to make daily reports. I also have to check shipment details and at the end of each month I have to summarize all these shipment details and integrate them into a monthly statement for the Rompa Hong Kong financial department in order to handle payments. If necessary I also need to help the financial department to solve unclear details in order to get smooth payments. And last but not least, I trace orders to ensure that we purchase raw materials in time and follow up the paper work needed.”

4. When (in what phase) exactly do you come along in Rompa’s business processes?
“I followed an internal workshop to understand Rompa’s production process. This internship took one month, after which I began to do my tasks formally. I am involved in the whole process, directly and indirectly, since I see everything from beginning to end.”

5. What do you contribute to the company?
“I try to keep good communications with our customers and other departments, and always try to meet our customer’s requirements. Besides that I provide important and accurate data reports to both the company ánd customers.”

6. How do you stay ahead in your line of work and how do you stay inspired?
“Keeping open communication lines with colleagues and my supervisor, at all times, so I can constantly learn new knowledge and get new experience so that I can apply this to my work. And….have a rest to let the tired brain relax from a busy day.”

7. What makes Rompa unique in the plastics industry?
“In my opinion Rompa is unique because it has a vast experience in thermoforming and molding and because we all work together to provide customers with a supreme service, very good quality and a short lead time. The company motto is: “Nice to work with, nice to work for” and that’s true …..Rompa is like a big family with branches spread all over the world. Although we never meet colleagues from other continents (well, that’s the case in my position), we have a good social connection and operation on-the-job, which makes the company’s development better and better.”

8. Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?
“I hope my job qualifications and skills will have progressed, and I hope that I will be happy in my personal life and free to do what I want to do.”

9. Who is your example, your role model?
“I don't have a specific role model. I think I can learn from every one of us.”

10. What is your motto?
“Well, there are two mottos I deeply believe in. The first is “the most simple thing is to insist, the most difficult thing is to insist on”. And the second motto is ”No blood, sweat and tears, no success.”