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Stone Zhuang

Meet Stone Zhuang, project engineer at Rompa Group

11 September 2018

He has been doing his utmost for the engineering department of Rompa Group in China for over twelve years. A valuable employee, with a wealth of experience: Stone Zhuang. High time to meet him. We asked Stone a ton of questions about his position, his vision for the future, and how he spends his time off.

What does your position entail?
“I am a project engineer at Rompa Shunxing in China. I am responsible for the daily business at the Engineering department, and I develop plastic products with and without electronics for big customers.”

What does your work mean for our clients?
“Clients often have certain ideas for the plastic product they want to have developed. Take the electronic functionalities it needs to have, for example. With my team, I look for options to produce the plastic product in such a way that it meets all wishes and demands, and I develop it from a concept to a successful finished product.” 

Stone Zhuang

What is your greatest achievement at Rompa? 
“Over the past few years, I have set up a professional engineering team, which allows me to produce the exact plastic products that fulfil our client’s wishes. Our objective is to support our client where possible during the development of the product, making the project run smoothly, and delivering a successful finished product. Of course, setbacks occur, but we have proven that, as a team, we can successfully complete any project.” 

What does ‘nice to work with, nice to work for’ mean for you?
At Rompa, satisfied clients are our ambition. And we fulfil that ambition. I have never before worked at an organisation that works this hard and does everything to deliver good results; all for customer satisfaction. The level of service is unprecedented, which results in a lot of positive reactions. I am proud to be part of this.” 

What makes your job fulfilling?
“We take concerns away from our customers by proactively contributing out thoughts. For example, we considered future options for the design of an electric razor stand. That way, the same design could also be used for a stand with charger function. Another example: a certain product felt very light. By adding weights to the design of the product, we made it feel more ‘premium’ when people held it. By contributing our thoughts this way, we are more than just a supplier. Clients view us as colleagues, and sometimes even friends. These friendships give me a lot of fulfilment.” 

Stone Zhuang

How do you see you future at Rompa?
“We constantly work on progress and look ahead. I am no different. And that’s necessary, too. Electronic devices are constantly developing, just like the finished products currently on the market. In the future, everything will be connected. It is important for me and my team to stay up to date and to further professionalise ourselves in the field of electronic engineering. I want to continue providing top-level services!” 

According to you, what makes Rompa unique?
“We distinguish ourselves through our organisational structure and through the trust we receive from our client. Through years of successful projects, we have built up a good reputation with both clients and suppliers. This gives me the opportunity to work on very challenging projects. Rompa Group is nice to work with and nice to work for. We maintain a good relationship with our clients, and we really are their partner. That makes us proud, and it makes that customers have a lot of faith in us. This allows us to offer more fitting solutions and to really deliver the desired plastic product.” 

What do only a few colleagues know about you?
“My colleagues know me far too well.”

What do you do in your time off? 
“Travelling is one of my greatest passions. I visit Europe a few times each year. I love the Netherlands, primarily because of the windmills. What I do find interesting is what the Dutch call “Chinese food”. It does not look anything like what I eat in China. Other than that, I like going to the United States. And, of course: I enjoy sleeping in after working hard and successfully finishing a project!”