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Jinko Ruan

New colleague Jinko on electronical development at Rompa

21 November 2017

The demand for completely finished plastic products with electronic components continues to grow. That is why Rompa is investing in qualified electronics engineers. One of our new colleagues is electronic expert Jinko Ruan. In this article, we introduce him and his vision on recent technological developments.

Jinko joined Rompa China in his hometown of Jiangmen in June 2017 as an electronic engineer. “I develop embedded software. My core task involves programming the firmware for circuit boards. Furthermore, I develop computer applications with which to conduct functional tests,” he explains.” Before Jinko joined Rompa, he made a name for himself as an embedded software engineer for Android devices and worked on an advanced control and operating system for an unmanned boat. He currently uses his expertise to further expand Rompa’s activities in the field of electronic development and helps us realise our ambitions for the future.

New products and technologies from all over the world
Jinko knows exactly how rapidly technological developments happen. “From wireless chargers and increasingly cheap and better microchips to the Internet of Things and all kinds of smart products; developments are happening at a dizzying pace. If you want to stay ahead and continue to offer your customers suitable solutions, you have to be constantly up to date. Rompa is just that. In my work, I come into contact with the latest technologies and products from all over the world.” Even in his spare time, Jinko loves nothing more than tinkering with technology. “I love model airplanes. Those are also becoming smarter, by the way.”

Integral product development
Jinko views Rompa as a unique organisation. “That is because we can deliver finished products. Most organisations have only mastered one aspect of the production process, such as the injection moulding of plastic products or the development and manufacture of electronic components. At Rompa, we can do both, which lets us help our customers with integral product development.”

Rompa’s company motto is “Nice to work for, nice to work with.” Jinko agrees entirely. “I felt right at home here from the start. I am curious about new things and I learn something here every day. What also surprises me is the level of teamwork in this organisation. Together with my talented colleagues, I spend my days looking for optimal solutions for our customers. There is definitely time to relax, though. I am part of Rompa’s badminton team and I can be quite competitive!

Jinko Ruan
Rompa Shunxing