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Patrick Gerard, Hans van Dooremalen and Jan Bloo

Rompa Group takes over ITB Group

10 May 2019

For years, Hans van Dooremalen worked passionately as the director and owner of ITB, an internationally operating plastics and metal manufacturer with Dutch roots. However, due to health concerns, he decided to take a step back and find a new owner for “his” ITB. Now, he has found one. On 7 May 2019, ITB Group became part of Rompa Group. With this takeover, Rompa Group has solidified its market share on the international plastics market.

Over the past few months, Hans van Dooremalen considered many potential takeover parties. “Out of all those parties, we believe Rompa Group to be the most suitable partner to take over ITB Group’s shares and secure its future,” he explains. Rompa Group was founded in 1881 by the Rompa family as a leather tannery. Since then, the company has developed into a financially sound and internationally oriented producer of plastic and electronic products. The Rompa family owned the company until 1989. Today, its shares belong to Patrick Gerard (CEO) and Jesse Plasman (director Far East). “The takeover of ITB Group fits perfectly within our growth strategy. By combining our strengths, we can offer our customers an even higher quality of service and further expand our market share,” says Patrick Gerard. Hans van Dooremalen adds: “I was and still am extremely proud of ITB and I sincerely hope that the company will be around for many years to come under the Rompa banner.”

The highest possible degree of precision

ITB Group is a developer and supplier of plastic and metal products made with the highest possible degree of precision for various markets in the upper segment, e.g. electric tools, automotive, packaging materials for the food industry, medical and pharmaceutical machines, electrotechnical industry, energy, household appliances and personal care. Its production activities take place in the Netherlands, the Czech Republic and Mexico. “ITB Group possesses the technology, knowledge and experience to produce products with an extreme degree of precision to ensure they meet the strictest quality standards,” Patrick Gerard emphasises. “They have the ability to design and develop high-quality processes, stamps and moulds. This results in the rapid and effective production of injection-moulded plastic and metal products, stamped parts and extensive mechanised assembly.”

Comprehensive range of services

Rompa Group is a globally operating plastics processor and a leading organisation in the design, development and production of finished plastic products, including assembly, electronics, decoration and packaging, for a variety of markets. The company produces plastic products by means of injection moulding and thermoforming. Its comprehensive range of services is completed by EMS (electronics), decoration facilities and assembly techniques. From a strategic perspective, Rompa Group operates in various market segments, e.g. automotive, packaging materials, consumer products and industrial applications.

Long-term partnerships with multinationals

Rompa Group strives to develop sustainable partnerships with leading multinationals. For example, Philips has been one of Rompa Group’s most prominent customers since 1935. Back then, Rompa Group produced leather cases for Philips’ shavers. The leather was replaced by plastic in 1960. These days, Rompa manufactures a wide range of products for Philips. Other major customers include Bosch, Britax Römer, Procter & Gamble, Johnson Controls, Avery Dennison, Siemens and Rentokil Initial. Just like its customers, Rompa has internationalised its production activities over the years. Today, the company has production facilities in China, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany and the United States. Rompa Group’s head office is still located in the Netherlands.

Local-for-local production

“It is our wish and ambition to further expand the formula of our success,” CEO Patrick Gerard explains. “Rompa Group has an excellent market position, skilled and enthusiastic employees, a large customer base and reliable suppliers. The takeover of ITB Group enables us to seize new opportunities to further expand our market position with new technologies and more expertise for the manufacture of technically complex products. Furthermore, it strengthens our global footprint, which means we can produce even more on a local-for-local basis. ITB Group’s production facilities in the Netherlands and Mexico offer many new possibilities to Rompa Group’s existing customers. Similarly, our own facilities in China, Slovakia and Germany represent wonderful additions for ITB Group and its customers.”