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Rompa and Rentokil Initial make for a perfect match.

Promising collaboration with Rentokil Initial

5 December 2017

Rompa has acquired a major new client: Rentokil Initial. This British organisation has a large global market share in pest control and hygiene solutions. The company contacted Rompa to collaborate on the development of an innovative connected product. We are of course very proud to be chosen. The preparations for this project are already in full swing.

“Rompa and Rentokil Initial make for a perfect match,” says commercial director Martijn Jansen. Why? “For the development of a new product, Rentokil was looking for a partner that offers a variety of technologies, is financially healthy enough to make investments, has the right competences and can offer them more attention than the largest players on the market.” 

Involvement during the entire process
Martijn continues: “This case suits us very well, because we can add a ton of value. Rompa is a vertically integrated organisation, which means we are involved in the entire process from design to serial production. In addition to injection moulding, we offer our expertise pertaining to engineering, manufacture the electronic components and handle assembly.” 

Quick interaction with the Netherlands 
Rentokil Initial loves short lines of communication. “The fact that our head office is located in the Netherlands was an important factor in the choice for Rompa as Rentokil’s new partner,” says Martijn. “They can quickly interact with us, while the production takes place in China.”

Keep following us
What product are we creating together? We will keep that a secret for now. It will probably hit the market in Q2 2018. As soon as we have more details to share, we will let you know. To be continued!

Rompa has acquired a major new client: Rentokil Initial.