Rompa Group celebrates Chinese New Year

Rompa celebrates Chinese New Year

28 March 2017

Today at the Rompa Group we celebrate, and especially our Chinese factories, Chinese New Year!

A little bit of history: Chinese New Year, also known as the Spring Festival, is one of the most important Asian holidays. According to legends in ancient China Nian (pronounced as "Nyehn") was a man-eating animal that could enter homes unnoticed. Soon Chinese people learned that Nian was sensitive to noise and the color red and they expelled him with explosions, fireworks and frequent use of the color red. These practices led to the first New Year celebrations.

It is customary to pay debts at Chinese New Year, buy new clothes and clean the house. Usually there is also a large family meal, honoring of the gods, give red wrapped gifts to each other and set off fireworks.

Rompa Group wishes its factories in Jiangmen, Chengdu and Shanghai ánd the office in Hong Kong a wonderful celebration! And we hope that it will be a successful year once again for all our employees at the Rompa branches in China; from assemblers to thermoforming and injection molding employees and technical staff!