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Rompa CZ is growing!

Rompa CZ is expanding

23 May 2018

Rompa CZ is growing rapidly! When we noticed that our current office building was becoming a bit small, we knew it was time for a significant expansion. We have already begun the first phase of the remodelling project. We will extend our office by eighteen metres to create more room on the ground and first floors.

We desperately need the room. To accommodate the growing demands from our customers, we already opened a production site in Slovakia in 2016. This site now handles assembly for our European customers. It has taken a lot of work out of the hands of Rompa CZ, but because customer demands continue to grow, another expansion is necessary.

Rompa CZ is growing!

Professional injection moulding site 
Since the relocation of all of the assembly activities to Slovakia, more than ten new injection moulding machines have been installed at Rompa CZ, including several 900-ton machines and even a 1,200-ton machine. More machines are still being added. Furthermore, we are investing in robots that remove products from their moulds and process them. Next, they sort the products, e.g. into left- and right-sided versions. With our modern tools and techniques, we guarantee that our products are of the highest quality. As a prominent injection moulding specialist, we produce highly complex products with a low ppm (less than five).


Rompa CZ groeit!

New employees 
In addition to expanding our machinery, we also strive to strengthen our organisation by increasing our knowledge and experience. That means we need highly qualified people. Marek Čmelík recently joined our team as production manager. Along with him, we also welcomed a new customer service representative, a management team assistant and an office support assistant. Furthermore, we offer talented students the opportunity to share their knowledge of lean methods with us and gain valuable experience in our organisation. We work together with local employment and outsourcing agencies to find the right people. On top of that, we are collaborating with MenSeek to become an even better employer to our people. It is important to us that Rompa is a great company to work for and with. 

We’re hiring!
Although we are thrilled with our new employees, we still have a number of unfilled positions. Rompa CZ has therefore launched a campaign to find the right people.