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Rompa injection-moulds a high-end styler for a market leader in the personal care industry

1 March 2019

Quick and safe shaving, trimming and styling without any skin irritation: that is what the high-end series of electric shavers offers. Recently, the new T-rex styler was released for this series. Rompa Group is responsible for its production. This technologically advanced shaver head is perfect for trimming, a rough shave or carefully styling a beard.

0,05 mm tolerance
0,05 mm tolerance

Plastic components with narrow tolerances

Every year, Rompa produces circa 750.000 stylers. If you ask international account manager Tim Franssen, this is an interesting project from a technical perspective. “Producing these shaver heads is a complex affair. Inside the head, you’ll find Philips’ shaver blades and the mechanism that drives the blades. That calls for narrow tolerances: the cogs must fit together perfectly, or the device won’t work. In some cases, that requires an accuracy down to one one-hundredth of a millimetre.” With a high-quality mould and a carefully controlled injection-moulding process, Rompa is able to produce the stylers with extreme precision.

T-rex Styler
T-rex Styler

Injection-moulding, assembly and decoration

In addition to injection moulding the plastic components and assembling the various plastic and metal parts, Rompa is also responsible for decorating the product. Tim: “The stylers are available in black and white. We also produce a special edition with a dragon design for the Asian market.”

Collaborating with Philips
Philips and Rompa have been “partners in shaving” for decades. “That is why Philips entrusted this project to us,” Tim explains. “They were looking for a reliable partner who can guarantee the highest quality, has the necessary capacity and is familiar with Philips Shaving’s products. We meet all those requirements of the global market leader.”

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