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Patrick Gerard (CEO Rompa Group), Pia Fastrup Rasmussen (director category management (plastics, sealing and c-parts) at Danfoss) and Paul van der Linden (international sales manager Rompa Group).

Rompa is the new preferred injection moulding supplier for Danfoss Europe

28 February 2018

Danfoss is one of the largest Danish businesses on the industrial applications market. Like Rompa, it operates on a global scale. We are therefore very pleased that this major player has selected us as its preferred supplier for plastic components. Our first project is about to start: the annual production of 300,000 control valves for heating systems.

Paul van der Linden, international sales manager at Rompa, is proud of the collaboration. “In terms of their philosophy and growth ambitions, Danfoss and Rompa are an excellent match. Danfoss was looking for a partner that can guarantee a consistently high level of quality for its injection moulding process, while simultaneously keeping up with the Danish organisation’s ambitions. Rompa was therefore a perfect match.”

Injection moulding in the Czech Republic, delivery in Slovenia
Danfoss might be best known for its radiator knobs, although the company also produces mechanical valves that control the water supply in heating systems. Rompa creates the plastic components for these control valves via injection moulding. “Even though we are specialising more and more in the production of plastic products with electronic components, injection moulding is still our core business,” Paul emphasises. “We do this at our production site in the Czech Republic. We will deliver the first products to Danfoss Trata, a site in Ljubljana, Slovenia. We are currently exploring the possibilities of also creating other products for Danfoss with injection moulding and developing new plastic products.”

Patrick Gerard (CEO Rompa Group) and Pia Fastrup Rasmussen (director category management (plastics, sealing and c-parts) at Danfoss).

Sustainability first
Danfoss and Rompa are an excellent match in other ways as well. “Danfoss has earned a pole position when it comes to sustainability and environmental care,” Paul explains. “At Rompa, the environment is also a key concern. For example, we make use of recycled materials in our production processes whenever possible, we prevent wastefulness by utilising the lean method, we dispose of waste material in an ecologically responsible manner and we handle all chemical substances in accordance with the European REACH regulations.”

Interested in a collaboration with Rompa?
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