Rompa Group vision on 2014

Rompa preview on 2014

28 March 2017

2014 is only one month young, but at the Rompa Group we are already full steam ahead. As you know... we are a leader in the field of thermoforming and injection molding in The Netherlands and far abroad. To maintain that position we must continue to invest in our development, at all levels. And so we never stand still, because that would imply that we are going backwards. So we do not stand still in 2014. Especially not in 2014, because this will be a year in which lots is going to happen, both socially and business wise.


When we look at the place where our headquarters is situated, The Netherlands, there will be municipal elections on March 19th. An important moment to see how the political winds will blow. But of course there are some wonderful international events as well, such as the Winter Olympics in Sochi and the World Cup in Brazil and closer to home base... the first King's Day on April 26th! Of course Rompa Group will enjoy and cheer with all these events.


Looking at our own organization, 2014 will bring us new colleagues both in The Netherlands and abroad, new equipment and expansion of technical capabilities and... a move. Of course we will keep you informed of all developments, through our website but also through our social channels Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and Google+.


Let’s make it an outstanding year!