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The full package: from idea to delivery

1 April 2021

At Rompa Group we manufacture packaging, but did you know that we also strive to offer a full service package to our clients? Teamwork makes dreamworks hence Rompa Group. Product design and engineering are key elements that enable us to offer this full package. We promise our clients a service that exceeds their expectations and in order to do so. In the end, it’s the result that counts!

Design and engineering with Rompa Group

Design specifications: a detailed description of the requirements the product should meet.

The more details, the better when creating a product design. A design becomes successful when you fully understand the end-user customer. Think of appearance, application, design of PBCAs, legal and environmental requirements. One of the things that makes us different is the fact that Rompa Group has over 140 years of experience. We have seen our industry evolve and adapt to modern times. Every product is different, unique and might also have a different industry destination, but with a team of specialists we are always able to deliver high quality and innovative products.  

From design specification to action plan. When the initial idea is formulated in detail, we take the next step towards a finished product. An action plan could consist of:

  • Technical issues that might arise on the surface, such as DFA, DFM, moldflow etc.
  • Engineering; a product design might look good, but how does it function? Our engineers dive deeper into the mechanics of the product, necessary tools and functionality.
  • Development
  • Creating drawings
  • What a prototype could look like and what will be the next step in the process
  • Selecting the factory that is suitable for production. Thanks to the global footprint of Rompa Group, we can choose out of many factories all over the world. 
  • The full production process, from nothing to a finished product to delivery.
  • Deadlines 
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Rompa Design

Within Rompa we have our expert design team to support you with turning your idea into next generation products. With the right mix of industrial design, mechanical and/or electronic engineering we have all the skills on board to make your project happen from the first sketch through to concept development, detailed design until the necessary support in the production start-up. Based on an in depth technology understanding in injection moulding, plastic materials and assembly processes this team is able to design and deliver fully functional and cost efficient products, which go beyond our client expectations.

With all our projects we nominate one project manager, who will guide you through the entire process, from the first contact until the product is validated and production starts. Only in this way we can deliver projects and products with shortest time to market, meeting the right level of quality standards.  

Rompa Design has a multidisciplinary design approach, with design expertise in:

  • Functionality in industrial design, easy to use products and fool proof
  • Protection, expanding shelf life and making transporting the product easier
  • Sustainability; making sure the packaging is recyclable, reusable or renewable
  • Product engineering for cost efficiency
  • Brand production, designed for selling with needed marketing implemented

From A to Z

Whether it's with or without electronics, custom-made or for many different industries or markets, at Rompa Design this poses no problem. As we speak of a full service, we follow these steps:

Afbeelding: idea

It starts with an idea

It all starts with an idea, and to make it a reality. Ideas are in most cases broad and undetailed. With the help of experts within the Rompa Group you are sure that we get the best out of your idea. This begins at the design and production development department, with extra help from the commercial and technical team. Together we make a broad idea with the necessary requirements and wishes.

Afbeelding: drawing

Take it to the drawing board

Design specifications are made. With these specifications we can continue with the action plan and go to the next step: creating prototypes.

Afbeelding: protoyping

First rule of engineering; beware prototypes

Getting the first prototype right is a challenge, but it's definitely possible. Though in most cases, several prototypes are made to create the best product. Creating several prototypes also gives the possibility to compare one with another to combine the best parts or learn and change parts.

Afbeelding: production

From prototype to production

A big step! We are now absolutely sure we have the perfect model and its time to take it to the production line. Reaching this step means we have a detailed development structure to start production and also selected a suitable factory which will carry out the process.

Afbeelding: assembly


Manufacturing is more than just putting parts together. Assembly has been carefully taken into consideration from the very start. Make sure to read our article about this for more information about designing for assembly.

Afbeelding: delivery


The final step! It’s delivery time. This could either be to the clients warehouse or to a requested location. But we can also offer our clients logistic solutions where we use systems such as VMI for both national and international deliveries.


We have reached the final stage of our service plan. The custom made product i now fully finished with maybe additional electronic components, decorations or matching packaging. Does it end here? Definitely not, this is where it actually starts. Our client is now starting to sell and ship the product to the end user. We will continually be in contact and optimise the production process.  

Do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to know more about our partnership or about the services we offer.